I’m sure you’re heard that MGM Casinos and Resorts got hit hard by a cyberattack. Hackers were able to bring the entertainment giant to its knees.

And how did this massive event start? With a seemingly innocent ten-minute phone call.

The MGM Cyberattack only took a few minutes, but we’ve got you covered.

MGM has not yet reported that they have data stolen from their environment, but this is usually very common for this specific hacker group.

What can you do? Be on guard.

Always be suspicious of out of the blue requests, even over the phone. Remember we will never ask you to have access to go to a website to get access to your computer for support or ask you to share multifactor codes. Make sure if you have an account with MGM that you monitor your credit and consider creating a PIN for your IRS tax returns.

Finally, be cautious about emails that have attachments or links in them.

One last step: if you’re interested, we can have a third party analyze your network to make sure you don't have similar vulnerabilities.


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